Unique Texas Ideas for Christmas Light Design and Setup

Stylish christmas golden star illumination and fir branches with red and gold baubles, golden lights bokeh on front of building at holiday market in city street. Christmas street decor

Christmas light designs come in a wide variety of options to suit homeowners’ tastes. Some people like a flashy, multi-colored explosion of cheer and festivity. Others prefer a more sedate and classic look with white lights trimming their fa├žade and foliage. If you want to make the perfect impression in your Beaumont or Nederland, TX neighborhood, gather your ideas and then call in a professional team who can bring the perfect look to life.

Go All Out for Color and Flash at the Holidays

Most outdoor holiday light strings these days are made with bright LED bulbs that glow with brilliant color. They are highly efficient, so it makes sense to use these if you do not want to increase your bills at the end of the year. Both homeowners and business property managers may prefer multi-colored lights as they create an atmosphere of fun and festivity.

Two main design schemes exist for colored Christmas lights. First, you may choose professional installation of strings that have a series of colors repeated over and over. Second, you may prefer different solid colors on different parts of your home and landscaping. For example, you may trim your doorway in classic red and green but have blue wrapped around one tree, yellow wrapped around the next, and purple in the bushes by the mailbox.

Traditional and Classy Christmas Light Design

If you want something more sedate but no less attractive, consider cool or warm white lights instead. The tiny LED Christmas bulbs come in these two shades although cooler tones are common. With safety and style in mind, the team can line your door, windows, and roofline with glowing light. This gives the impression of a gingerbread house that can be further decorated with fun colors or classy ornaments as you prefer.

Consider Texas Themes for Holiday Lighting

A brilliant glowing star represents both the Christmas holiday and Texas, the Lone Star State, in style. This is one of the most common motifs for holiday lighting displays, and you may want to find a way to include this shape. Decorations in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana look a little different than those frequently seen in the northern parts of the United States. Snow is a rare and things like snowmen and sleds seem out of place. This does not mean you should avoid well-loved Christmas images in your decorating plan. Just give the light design and set up Texas flare all its own.

No matter what styles you choose for your holiday lighting display, you can experience a stress-free installation when you hire our team to do it for you. Minimize the risk of injury or damage to your home and landscaping. Give yourself more time for fun Christmas shopping or gathering with friends. You do not even have to worry about taking the decorations down when the season is done. With the utmost care and professionalism, we handle everything for you start to finish.