Tree Trimming – The Perfect Texas Winter Garden Chore

As all the homeowners in the north struggle with snow, ice, and dreaming of seeing anything green when spring comes, those who live in the Orange, Port Arthur, and Beaumont, TX region do not have to face the same type of winter. Still, this season is not a time for planting and growing a garden for the first time or creating a new landscaping scheme. Winter is the time for chores and maintenance, and tree trimming tops the list of must-do tasks.

Why Tree Trimming Matters

The obvious reason why you should trim both large and smaller ornamental trees on your property is to make sure that everything stays safe. Any dead branches should be removed before storm season hits. Even a simple summer thunderstorm can cause a lot of damage if a limb comes down on your house, said, or vehicles. It is even worse if they fall on your neighbor’s property.

Besides safety, tree trimming actually helps the plants stay healthy and grow in the proper form. It makes sense to engage the services of a professional arborist who knows how each different type of tree should look. They can also identify problem areas, weaknesses, or the smallest signs of disease or pest infestation.

Do not forget to trim your shrubs, hedges, and other woody plants, too. While they may not threaten your roof in the case of a storm, they still need careful tending to look their best and stay healthy.

Why Winter Works for Trimming the Trees

Even in the warm southeastern Texas climate around Nederland or Bridge City, trees do not grow as much in the winter months. By the time spring comes and the sap starts to draw nutrients out of the ground once more, cutting branches comes with a higher potential for damaging the tree. Any pruning done then increases the chance of problems like diseases and pests.

Also, foliage becomes more lush and greener in the spring and the summer no matter what type of tree you have in your yard. If you trim off unwanted branches in the winter, the new growth and thicker foliage has a chance to hide the raw edges. The end result is a much neater look for your overall landscaping scheme.

Other Chores for Southeast Texas Winters

The things you need to do to keep your winter garden looking its best depend on the type of plants and landscaping style you have. There are some hardy plants that continue to look great throughout the season. However, it is important to keep an eye on the weather report to make sure that you are not due for a hard freeze. Winter is a great time to cover up beds, replace mulch, and remove any dead or dried parts of perennial plants.

Large winter garden chores for Southeast Texas like tree trimming set the stage for a perfect growth cycle starting up again in the spring. All of the preparations that take place during this time of year will make it so much easier to have a healthy and attractive yard later on in the season.