Top 5 Tasks for Winter in Your Southeast Texas Garden

Gardener using telescopic pruning shears for garden maintenance in Autumn

Unlike your northern neighbors, the lawn and gardens at your Southeast Texas home do not go completely dormant in the winter months. As the new year approaches, there are still plenty of things to do outside to keep your property looking its best. Certain tasks change as the season progresses, but you must take action in order to help things look their very best spring arrives once again. These top five tasks for winter can help your grass grow strong and your trees, shrubs, and bedding plants thrive all year long.

1 – Fertilize the Lawn Early

Even though growth happens all year round in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, it does slow down in November, December, and January. Not only should you feed the grass near the beginning of the season, but it may be necessary to use a different type of fertilizer that works more efficiently with lower temperatures and increased precipitation

2 – Keep Up the Battle Against Weeds

Unfortunately, weeds are much easier to grow in your lawns and gardens and grass or bedding plants in many cases. Their fast spread is one of the major reasons they are called weeds. Use appropriate herbicides or manual methods to get rid of problems before they grow bigger in the spring. This is a great time of year to combat the spread of crabgrass in your lawn.

3 – Add Flowering Plants for Winter Color

Although some delicate plants die off in the later months of the year, you can add new color by choosing the right annuals or adding perennials to your design scheme. Some perfect options include pansies, petunias, dianthus, and snapdragons. There are even vegetables like kale and cabbage that do well in the off-season if you want to add produce to your property.

4 – Get Everything Ready for the Year

Living in this southern climate zone means you can do many things in the winter that people elsewhere in the country must wait months for. However, you still need a period of time when things slow down a bit to tackle other garden and landscape chores. Whether you do some of these things yourself or call in the professionals, it is an excellent opportunity to sharpen tools, service lawnmowers and other power equipment, clean out your shed, and pay special attention to fallen branches and other yard debris.

5 – Decorate for Christmas and the Holidays

What better way to accent your healthy lawn and lovely gardens than with professionally designed and installed holiday lights and decorations? While we can tackle any of the above-mentioned jobs to keep your grass and other plants looking their best, we also provide exceptional Christmas light services for your Southeast Texas or Southwest Louisiana home. This includes a customized solution that suits your property for the best look possible, safe and secure setup, and complete removal after the holiday season is over.