Three Big Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid in Southeast Texas

Three Big Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid in SE Texas

Three Big Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid in SE Texas

The warm climate of Southeast Texas can mean green grass all year round. Unfortunately, homeowners can make seasonal mistakes that lead to less attractive lawns and more problems with weeds and pests in the warmer seasons. Unlike in the northern United States, the varieties of grass used down here do not go dormant in the winter. Therefore, it is important to take care of your Nederland, Groves, or Beaumont property just as much in November and December. The best way to avoid these three big lawn care mistakes is to call in professionals who have the best methods, equipment, and know-how to keep your grass looking its best.

1 – Fertilizing at the Wrong Time of Year

Many granular fertilizer varieties do not work effectively in the winter months if the temperature drops below a certain level. Also, increased rain amounts may cause them to get washed away before they are able to seep into the ground under your grass effectively. This does not mean, however, that all feeding stops in November and December. Professional teams of lawn care experts understand the unique fertilization needs of Southeast Texas properties. We may use different schedules and specialized products to make sure every blade of grass gets the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy and crowd out any germinating weed seeds at the same time.

2 – Changing How You Water the Lawn in Winter

Slightly cooler temperatures and increased rainfall can affect how much you need to water your lawn for optimum growth and health. However, one of the biggest mistakes that property owners make is to stop watering completely. Unless you track precipitation precisely and ensure that your variety of grass gets the exact amount from Mother Nature, additional watering is still needed for healthy hydration.

As the year turns to a new one, your grass is under the most stress it can be due to the changing weather patterns. Since growth is slower in November and December, grass roots do not have as much energy to grow deep and strong as they do in the spring or autumn. Proper watering counteracts this issue that can lead to a weaker lawn all year round.

3 – Ignoring Grass and Weed Growth

Yes, your grass and weeds continue to grow all year round in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Although some varieties may slow down, you cannot ignore regular maintenance like lawnmowing and weed control. Some of the most common mistakes include setting the lawnmower blades lower to reduce the number of times you need to mow during this season and skipping the application of weed control or herbicides completely.

You want to enjoy a lush, green lawn all year round at your Port Neches or Groves, Texas home. In order to avoid common mistakes that may lead you with their patches, excess weed growth, and other problems, contact us for year-round lawn and garden care.