Top 7 Plants for a Sunny Southeast Texas Garden

The Port Neches, Groves, and Nederland areas of Southeast Texas provide some perfect conditions for growing a beautiful decorative garden. What could look better to set off the lush green grass expertly trimmed and cared for by the best local lawn service? The following seven perennials and annuals offer attractive foliage and flowers for a colorful garden style.


1 – Columbines

This attractive option, which is sometimes called a butterfly plant, has showy flowers that dance in the breezes atop graceful stems. While varieties are red and yellow but a whole host of colors is available. They attract butterflies and even hummingbirds.




2 – Hibiscus Shrub

One of the biggest and brightest flowers you can plant in your garden comes from the native hibiscus plant. They can grow 4 to 5 feet tall, but the most stunning characteristic comes from the plate-sized red, pink, or white flowers. They prefer moist soil or frequent watering. Unlike shrubs that stay around for the entire year, the hibiscus will die off in the winter if it gets too cool.




3 – Sky Flower or Cape Plumbago

This versatile garden plant offers a wealth of possibilities in a highly attractive package. Its long, glossy green leaves and clusters of lavender or blue flowers make it a Texas favorite. It grows in clumps, as a groundcover, and also looks great cascading down the wall or from a large pot.



4 – Geraniums

One of the most popular annuals used in hanging pots, containers on the patio or porch, and garden beds alike, the geranium offers a wealth of possibilities that suit your individual style. They come in a variety of colors from fire engine red, to a delicate pink, to bright salmon, and white. Even when not blooming, the foliage is quite attractive.



5 – Salvia Varieties

In this collection of plants, which are also called sage, exists a wide variety of plant shapes and flower colors. Unless you have a particularly large spot to fill, choosing dwarf varieties for your Texas landscape makes sense. You can find types with red, pink, purple, and even blue flowers on long, showy stalks. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds but never deer and rabbits.


6 – Ornamental Pampas Grass

Various types of ornamental grass tufts have become quite popular in landscaping design. Pampas grass has multiple types from short mounds to tall clumps that can grow over your head. Many have feathery white seed heads that makes them extra interesting.




7 – Roses

These garden favorites are popular all across the country, but many varieties do exceptionally well in the hot Texas weather. No matter what color you love the best, whether you want large, showy blooms or prefer more old-fashioned varieties, you can find the perfect rose for your landscaping plan. The famous old song “Yellow Rows of Texas” made the state and the flower synonymous.