Safety First: We Hang Holiday Lights for You in SE Texas

Safety First: We Hang Holiday Lights for You in SE Texas

Safety First: We Hang Holiday Lights for You in SE Texas

Decorating for the holidays outside your Texas home or business brings tons of fun to the season, but one broken tree branch or wobbly ladder can spell disaster. You want bright Christmas lights, garlands, and wreaths, not a trip to the emergency room. Far too many accidents happen around the holidays. Avoid the pain and inconvenience of injury during the festive time of year by calling a professional team who has skills and equipment necessary to get your holiday lights done right.

Holiday Light Injury Statistics May Shock You

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States, emergency rooms see almost 15,000 people during every Christmas season. And these are just the injuries caused by decorating mishaps. Most of the risk comes from climbing on ladders, furniture, or the roof to hang up lights and other accent pieces. While many of these injuries are not catastrophic or life-changing, no one wants to be out of commission for family gatherings and other parties. Leave the light hanging tasks to people with proper training and equipment to access all the difficult parts of your exterior fa├žade.

What Does an Outstanding Christmas Lights Display Need?

For those who think the answer to this question is just “lights,” you have a few things to learn about holiday decorating. First of all, it is difficult to know how many strands of lights you need to make an effective display. Also, how can you run extension cords safely to minimize overloading outlets and fire risk? These are the types of questions best handled by experts.

Besides the decorations and strands of lights themselves, you also need strong and sturdy ladders and the skills and physical ability necessary to use them in the safest way possible. This process includes checking lights and wires, designing an attractive Christmas lights display, and installing it in a way that minimizes risk and protects your house at the same time.

Minimize Headaches and Risk This Time of Year

Nothing puts a smile on your face more than a bright lights’ display at Christmas time or any other winter holiday celebration. However, nothing can take that smile away faster than an injury, lights that do not work, property damage, or an unattractive or uneven set up that gets talked about in the neighborhood for all the wrong reasons. No one wants to spend the holiday season in the emergency room or at an urgent care center. Forget the headaches and risk unfortunately associated with hanging holiday lights when you call in an expert team to handle it for you.

Leave Christmas Lights to the Professionals

You can greatly minimize the chance of broken wrists or ankles, injured backs, bumps and bruises when you call in the professionals to hang up holiday lights and other decorations. This affordable job also gives you more free time for shopping, baking yummy cookies, or getting other holiday preparations done. Reduce stress and enjoy and expertly designed and installed lighting display that will become the talk of your Southeast Texas neighborhood.