Plan a Pergola for a Cool Backyard in Southeast Texas

How often do you get outside on the patio or deck in your Beaumont, Texas home? If you live anywhere around the southeast region that includes Vidor, Nederland, and Bridge City, it can be tough to cool off in the summertime. Outdoor living often gets too hot for even the most seasoned  southeast Texas native. However, there is a great way to cool things down a bit and increase the visual interest and property value of your home.

Planning a Pergola in the Backyard

Most outdoor living space construction projects butt up against the house.  Sometimes, something like a freestanding gazebo will reside in the backyard. When it comes to hiring a contractor to put up a Pergola, it makes sense to choose a spot with an existing deck or patio. This provides a firm foundation and necessary support system to add the pillars and roof onto.

In some cases, it might not be possible to extend your home’s roof with a Pergola directly. Also, it might cost more to attach it to the existing structure. However, a landscape builder who specializes in these types of outdoor living spaces can create a plan for a free-standing option.  This could work for your needs and style. Take into account size, materials, color, and what you plan to do with the Pergola after it is installed.

Pergola Plans to Improve Garden Style and Usability

Simply installing one of these unique partial roofs can give you a cooler patio or deck.  It provides some shade throughout the day. Instead of a solid roof that blocks all of the sun, a Pergola lets through some sun while still helping to prevent excess heat accumulation directly next to your house.

There are ways to make this even more effective and boost the landscape style of the built-in element. Consider growing an attractive volume up the sides and over the top. Consider bright coral honeysuckle, classic purple wisteria, or exotic passionflower for your southeast Texas home.

If you prefer additional shade without plants, it is possible to purchase curtains or shades for the Pergola surround. A simple fabric canopy can increase its usefulness in the hottest months. When you talk with a builder about the possibilities, consider asking about fixed screens that both filter light and prevent debris from falling on your deck or patio below.

Adding any professionally designed and built Pergola to your existing Port Arthur, TX home helps them enjoy more outdoor time no matter how hot it gets. Also, the benefits to your property value if you intend to sell your home may be considerable. This type of shade structure can even help you minimize expenses for air-conditioning. With this long list of benefits, it makes sense to look into adding one of these attractive and useful structures to your residential landscape.