Neglected Yard? Bring Your Lawn Back

Maybe your lawnmower broke down in the middle of the season. Perhaps your old southeast Texas lawn service went out of business and you have not yet found a new one. Or maybe your promise to mow the lawn today just got pushed back again and again.

Whatever the reason truly is, if your yard has been neglected for too long, you might think bringing it back to its former glory is an impossible task. Besides calling up the best local lawn service and begging them to “Cut my grass!” you can make a smart plan to regain control.

When Grass Grows Too Tall

When the neighbors start to complain or your townships sends you a notice that the height of your grass does not comply with local regulations, you know you have to call a local lawn service or get out your own mower and tackle the job. Ideally, professional help will work better at this point because the more powerful lawnmowers and other equipment can handle large quantities of grass at once. Your old push mower may stutter and fail when faced with foot-tall grass.

Edging Automatically Improves the Look

One way to improve the look of an overgrown yard quickly is to cut down the edges that border sidewalks, driveways, patios, and around trees as quickly as possible. A string trimmer is your best friend for this job. Although the professionals may have more precise edging tools, tackling the overgrowth first makes sense. Not only will this improve the look right away, it will make your neighbors happy that your yard no longer encroaches on bears.



Tackle Weed Growth Fast

Unfortunately, where there is long unruly grass, there is also a high probability of too many weeds. If these unwanted plants are actually in the yard, you can mow them down with the grass. After they are controlled to some degree, then you can worry about removing them entirely or spreading a weed killing granule or liquid across the yard.

Weeds around trees and bushes or in garden beds need more personal attention. Slip on your garden gloves and start pulling. If the plants have grown up too much while you avoided your landscaping chores, do not spray them with a chemical killer. It might take too long for them to die, and you will still be left with an unsightly dead plant you need to remove.

Hire the Right Professionals

Bringing your yard and garden back from the brink is a huge task to tackle on your own. Also, whatever problem existed to stop you from regular maintenance may still affect the situation. Why not hire the best local lawn care service to keep everything neat and tidy for you in the future? When you have service providers you can trust, you can enjoy an attractive lawn, your neighbors can stop nagging you, and you will not get threatening notices from the local municipality.