Landscape Lighting Tips for Maximum Garden Style

While plant choice, professionally built decks, establish trees, and lawn health all matter to overall residential property beauty and value, landscape lighting adds an extra spark of interest and safety. If you want to augment your garden style in Beaumont or Bridge City, TX, consider different types of both electric and solar-powered light fixtures at carefully planned spots on your property.

Think Safety and Usability First

The stars at night may be big and bright in Texas, as the old song says, but they are not sufficient to maintain proper safety and usability of all your outdoor spaces once the sun goes down. The number one purpose for installing landscape lights is security. Not only do you want to navigate your front or back yards and all walkways or driveways with ease, but proper illumination also decreases the risk of burglary and trespassing.

For example, lights around your patio allow you to use the space for evening parties with your friends and family. They also make it easier to take your dog out for one last walk in the evening. Additionally, they reduce the chance of someone sneaking up to your house from that side.

Highlight Garden Design Features

Landscape lighting also works well to showcase everything from a garden bench to a piece of outdoor artwork to a particularly interesting plant, shrub, or tree. Both electric and solar-powered lighting work well when scattered through the gardens to create a simple yet effective glow that invites people to explore and experience the property at night.

Just like lights shining down on statues or paintings in an art gallery, you can use directional lights in your landscape design to draw the eye to the most interesting features. Decide if you want a spotlight affect or a general glow that lights up more of the surrounding area.

Match Light Fixtures to Home and Landscape Style

With all these benefits to maximize your garden style, you should keep in mind the overall style of your home while choosing the fixtures and accessories. Inexpensive plastic solar lights may be quite unobtrusive along the edge of the path or near a garden bench. However, they do little to add any interest to your Texas yard.

Is your home a rough stone and cedar ranch style? Something rustic like treated wood or antiqued brass styles may suit. Perhaps you live in a beautiful Orange, TX Victorian. Opt for period styles with iron and glass lampposts and stakes. Maybe your house has classic stucco south western style. Products crafted in hammered tin or a sandstone finish would match perfectly.

It does not have to cost a lot to add landscape lighting to your Vidor or Port Neches property. If you do not have access to electricity at the best point of interest, solar is always a viable option. After all, daytime in Texas gives you plenty of that. Why not extend the light into the nighttime and increase your enjoyment of your yard and garden?