Here’s How to Reclaim Your Lawn

So, let’s say you’ve got a yard full of brown spots, weeds, and bare spots.  Beautiful yards are not only for our personal pleasure.  A well-manicured lawn and healthy flowers and plants increase curb appeal, and can actually increase the value of your home.  In this post, we will be exposing to you  to 6 practical tips which you can apply to get your turf in shape again.

Select good soil

If it happens that you have soil that is bare, begin by using fine compost in a sufficient layer. This supplies additional nutrients as well as organic matter, thus helping to enhance how healthy and beautiful your lawn looks. Tilt and mix it into the soil to your taste.

As part of this step, if the soil is tightly compacted, you can simply rent an aerator. For long-term benefits, go with plug aerators rather than spike shoes. As soon as you get your soil spaced and get the root system aerated, use compost to get the soil top dressed. You can simply spread it around the yard in a thin fashion.  At that point you can spread the grass seed of your choice and water thoroughly.  Be sure and select a type of grass seed that is appropriate for our southeast Texas climate.  Zoysia, San Augustine and Bermuda are all native grasses to this part of Texas.  To learn more about grass types, check out this post.  

Go with a good turf

Spend that extra money now so that you can save more in the long run. Make a good choice that is highly resistant when it comes to diseases and fungus while looking great. Ensure that a good part of your lawn is transformed to beds in areas that are shady. You can also convert a significant part of your lawn to hardscape. This will help you to cut down on the number of times that you carry out maintenance.

Mow always

This happens to be one of the best practices when it comes to weed control. It also helps to increase the level of density. 409 Lawns mows once per week during spring and summer months, which is perfect to keep your yard maintained. Once your turf begins to increase in length and opens up, it can create room for weeds to blossom and complete with the good plants for space. Allowing this to go on for too long will cause weeds to begin to sprout and become a huge challenge for you.  By choosing 409 Lawns to keep your yard manicured, your yard will stay healthy and you will be able to easily get rid of weeds, and stay on top of problems like brown patch, yard pests, and problems with your lawn. 

Controlling weeds

Southeast Texas Weed Control

Southeast Texas Weed Control

One of the best strategies for controlling weeds is to ensure that your lawn is healthy. Pump hand sprayers are actually very effective when it comes to spot-treating weeds that find their way in. When you broadcast by using a hose end, all you end up doing is just wasting the treatment, and you can cause damage to the plants that you intend to preserve. Do not use feed products as well as weed products. This will only cause the trees and plants a great level of damage. The damage usually comes from stunted growth or could result in death. Weeds that cannot be controlled will only be fertilized by these products. Remember that making use of pump hand sprayers for spot treating is highly effective and will not result in too many problems.  409 Lawns can handle all of these types of maintenance issues for you, including weed control and flower bed maintenance, as part of your monthly package. 


When you water, do it right

Roots that are deep will always result in plants that are healthy. Watering should be carried out a few times every week. However, ensure that you are water deep.  Of course, here in southeast Texas, mother nature handles a lot of the watering for us, especially during the summertime, when the afternoon thundershowers start.  Even still, excessive watering carried out for prolonged periods of time can cause the root system to lack a sufficient amount of air. Air is very much needed for grass to effectively transport nutrients as well as take in water. If the time spacing between watering exercises is not sufficient enough, it will lead to the growth of fungus.  409 Lawns will keep an eye out

Apply these steps above to effectively get your lawn into good shape again.   As always, if you have any questions about your lawn, you can contact us.