Create Dynamic Garden Style With Mobile Container Gardening

If you are not comfortable with landscape design commitment, inject a bit of dynamic garden style with mobile containers. The gardening and outdoor decorating worlds have buzzed about container gardening for decades. You may have some in your own front or backyard already. However, have you ever considered expanding the possibilities with mobile pots that you can use to change the look and feel of your patio, garden, or porch with ease?

Once a plant is established in a pot, it can be quite heavy and difficult to move. If you want a more flexible and dynamic style and maximum health for your plants, consider wheeled plant carts, platforms, or even pots on casters to make moving things around much easier.

How to Make Your Plants Mobile

Except for the largest trees and shrubs, almost any kind of plant could go in a container. However, even a large trough or plant pot can weigh far too much for you to pick up and move on a regular basis. There are simple ways to add mobility to your container gardening plan.

Consider an old wheelbarrow as a moving garden. You can plant a variety of flowers, herbs, or vegetables inside and easily grab the handles to move it to the proper location for maximum sun or beauty. Similar options include yard carts, or even plastic or wooden boxes you attach to simple screw-on wheels or casters.

Another option is to create a flat platform with wheels on the bottom and put pots on top of it. You can even use something as unique as a skateboard or scooter to move your plants around and tried mobile gardening. Anyone with some DIY skills can attach the wheels to the bottom of any container.

Create Mobile Privacy With Shrubs and Hedges

There are many attractive Texas plants that grow tall and wide and thus provide high degree of privacy on a patio or deck. If you plant one in a deep mobile container and water it regularly, you can have your own living privacy screen. You may even like to move a larger plant in front of a window or patio door to increase shade and save on air-conditioning costs during the hottest part of the day.

Plan Unique Designs With Container Gardens

With you focus on practicality, maximizing growth by chasing the sun, or simple style, there is no doubt that a mobile container garden gives you more dynamic options than any established bed could. You do not have to commit to one landscaping design for the rest of your life. With pots on casters, rolling troughs or bins, wheelbarrows, and more, you can re-create the look and feel of your garden whenever it suits you.