Winter Task Schedule for a Healthy Southeast Texas Lawn

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It takes an intelligent schedule of lawn care to have a healthy and green Southeast Texas yard all year round. This winter task schedule covers general recommendations that can help all properties look their best. However, the specifics about cutting, fertilization, weed and pest killers, and more depend on your specific location, the temperatures and rainfall of any particular year, and the varieties of grass and other plants you have. This makes hiring professional lawn care experts the first task on your list if you want your home to have the greatest curb appeal in the neighborhood.

November SE Texas and SW Louisiana Lawn Care

Investigate the yard for bare patches or brown spots that need specific help. These may be signs of disease or physical damage. Treat accordingly with an herbicide, fungicide, or by removing dead plants and reseeding. This month also represents the time when you can probably reduce lawn mowing from a weekly to an every other week schedule. Some experts recommend lowering the lawnmower blades one notch at this time. Since growth does slow some over the winter, this reduces the need to mow frequently

December Tasks for a Healthy Lawn

Pay attention to rainfall amounts. Although this region of the state has more precipitation in the winter, it may not be enough to adequately water your lawn. Do not simply turn off your sprinkler system or put away the hose and forget about it. If you want grass roots to grow deep and strong, continue watering every other week or at least once per month depending on precipitation. Those strong roots will help your grass survive in the hot, dry summer months. This is also an excellent time to take soil tests for pH and nutrient deficiencies.

January Starts the New Year Off Right

If you have not tested the soil yet, the time has come. Your professional lawn care experts can handle this for you. It gives them the information they need to create an optimum fertilization schedule for the coming year. The approach depends on the type of grass you have as much as the soil beneath it. Some varieties like Bermuda grass may go dormant over the winter, which reduces the types of herbicides or weed killers you can use. The end of this month is the time to use pre-emergent control treatments so you can stop weed growth before it takes over.

The southeastern part of Texas and southwestern side of Louisiana have unique lawn and garden needs throughout the year. It is important to maintain sufficient watering, mow on a reduced schedule appropriate to your variety of grass’s growth patterns, and stop weeds and pests before they take hold. One call to our professional team can set up your schedule for lawn and landscaping services.