5 Easy Texas Perennials for Garden Coverage and Color

Nothing could be easier for your garden in southeast Texas than planting perennials that come back year after year with minimal maintenance. You might have a busy lifestyle.  If so, you probably do not want to have to pay for a professional gardener.  It can be hard to fuss with individual plants every week.  Consider these seven easy-care perennials instead. They will add color and interest to your home.  


This classic perennial thrives almost anywhere in the United States.  It can add color and interest to your home here in Southeast Texas.  These spread so readily that sometimes you can use them as ground covers.  You can consider these a great option to fill in the spaces that do not warrant a lot of attention.

Day lilies have trumpet-shaped flowers atop clusters of long, narrow leaves. The flowers come in white, yellow, pink, red, orange, and even deep maroon.






This unique plant has small, fern-like leaves that add visual interest to your garden. Yarrows are rather tall plants with flat clusters of tiny blossoms held high on sturdy stems. While traditional yarrow perennials are bright yellow, there are also white, pink, and red varieties. They make an attractive backdrop against shorter bedding plants and annuals.



Perennial Salvia

Although there are also annual varieties of this popular plant, the perennial type provides a lot of coverage and height to your landscaping scheme. Just one plant can reach up to three feet tall and two feet wide. The dense foliage supports a multitude of spires with reddish purple flowers clustered on them. Salvia is exceptionally good for hot summers in Texas because it tolerates drought and poor conditions easily.



Mexican Oregano

Unlike the herb commonly used in pizza sauce, this perennial plant is grown primarily for its attractive foliage and plethora of pink blossoms. It grows to more than three feet tall and attracts butterflies to your yard. As long as you give it plenty of sun and well-drained soil, it will thrive year after year.





Texas Gold Columbine

If you have a garden bed under a tree or in another shady spot in your yard, you do not have to compromise bright colors and beauty when it comes to planting perennials. Columbine grow in large clumps of attractive foliage that host a huge amount of bright yellow flowers fluttering on top. While there are other columbine varieties with pink, purple, white, and red flowers, this golden variety is perfect for the southeast Texas region.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of the type of perennial plants you can grow in Groves, Orange, or nearby neighborhoods. Also consider gerbera daisies, Australian violets, summer phlox, butterfly weed, ageratum, rock roses, coreopsis, verbena, and the classic Texas sage.